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Viola 60kv VLF Tester

VLF testing (viola)

  • Testing of electrical equipment and medium-voltage cables up to 35 kV nominal voltage
  • Max. test voltage 42.5 kVrms / 60 kVpeak
  • Voltage shapes: VLF truesinus®, VLF rectangular wave voltage and DC voltage
  • VLF truesinus® test technology enables load-independent, reproducible sinusoidal high voltage
  • Cable testing according to: DIN VDE 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEEE 400.2, IEEE 400-2012
  • Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60502/IEC 60229
  • Fully automatic VLF cable testing and tan delta diagnostics in a single sequence
  • Quick and easy test setup – no additional measuring equipment necessary
  • Cable stress minimised by incremental increases in voltage and optimisation of the test duration
  • Reliable information using load-independent VLF truesinus® technology and tan delta measurement accuracy of 1×10-4

Advantages MWT

  • The condition of the cable line can be evaluated
  • The test duration can be adapted to the actual condition of the cable
  • The influence of the increased test voltage on the cable can be assessed
  • The MWT is a meaningful combination of methods that are already established and accepted

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